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The new CD , Lost Angelino is available now for immediate download! This 11 song package is produced by Ed Tree and Mario Rojas. Get your copy now on ITunes and other various downloadable outlets. Check it out here along with the last self produced release Mario Rojas and A Saturday Night Pink!

Remember you can get the self produced 2nd CD-Mario Rojas and A Saturday Night Pink- as well on ITunes and CD Baby. 
The first CD- The Great 
Procrastinator is out there somewhere!


Lost Angelino is starting to get ALOT of radio airplay!! Hear it on WHUS FM in Storrs, CT!   KRSH FM in Santa Rosa, CA!  KMNO FM in Kihei, HI.!! And Dream Weaver  internet radio in Kihei, HI., AMI Radio in Bradenton, FLA.. WMNF Radio in Tampa, FLA.,KMXT Radio in Kodiac, AK., WEAG AM and FM in Starke, FLA.,Coltrain Country Radio in Nashville, and EMM Radio in Oregon. THANKS!!!!!   WVIA in Pittston, PA, WTJU in Charlottesville, VA, Country in Lake Placid, FL, WSLR in Sarasota, FL., WMSR in Auburn, AL., KASU in State University, AR., WEFT in Champaign, IL., WHAY in Whitley City, KY., WYSO in Yellow Springs, OH.,KBRP in Bisbee,AZ., KBAC in Santa Fe, NM., KPPR in Amarillo, TX., KCSE, KZNK,KZCK,KZNZ,KANZ,KZAN,KGUY,KJJP,KTXP,KTDH,KTOT all out of Texas! KAJX in Aspen, CO.,KAFM in Grand Junction, CO.,KBBI in Homer, AK., KRNN in Juneau, AK.,KMUN  and KTLB in Astoria, OR.,
The following stations are playing Valerie! Country Barn Yard in Milton Mills, NH., Wide Country Music in Troy, NY.,KAGH AM and FM in Crossett, AR., WDEB AM and FM in Jamestown, TN.,WJJM and WAXO in Lewisburg, TN., KMAV in Mayville,ND., WBDC AM and FM in Jasper, IN., WRAC in West Union, OH., KBLP in Lindsay,OK., KINO in Winslow, AZ.,KALH in La Luz, NM., BIG STAR 97 in Ft. Worth, TX.,KXOK in Sweetwater, TX.,KVLV in Fallon, NV and CHRN in Ontario, Canada.!!!! Big thanks!!!

WOJB in Hayward, WI.,KKFI (FM), Kansas City, MO., KDHX (FM) in St. Louis, MO.,KCIE (FM), Dulce, NM.KMUD (FM) Redway, CA.,KBSU (AM and FM) Boise, ID.,WACB (AM) Taylorsville,NC.,WRCO, Richland Center, WI., WSGS (FM) and WKIC in Hazard, KY., WLOC (AM),Horse Cave, KY.,KCHS (AM) in Truth or Consequences, NM., WQLC (FM), Lake City ,FL.,KDQN(FM) DeQueen, AR., WNKX(AM and FM) Centerville, TN.,WMMG Brandenberg. KY., KRIG Bartletsville, OK.,KOFM, Enid, OK., KRXT Rockdale, TX and Texas Radio 101 Internet in Rockdale, TX., KCSU in Ft. Collins, CO.,KCYN, in Moab, UT.,KSHL in Newport, OR., WMNR,WGRS,WGSK and WRXC in Monroe, CT., WERU (FM) East Orland, ME., KDUR, Durango,CO., KVNF Paonia, CO., KUWR Laramie, WY., KDVS in Davis, CA.,KCSB Santa Barbara, CA. KCRW Santa Monica, CA.KAOS in Olympia, WA.

 Europe is starting to check out Lost Angelino! Check out the following:   (15.03.18)     (16.03.18)

After Midnight Radio in Dublin, Ireland

"Lost Angelino is the third release and scores points with its consistently consistent sound and stylistic nuances across music history, cleverly integrated into the overall picture"....MUSIK an sich GERMANY!

"Lost Angelino...these sounds will particularly talk to the generation that listened to the West Coast Sounds..and the excellent vocals remind us of this golden good on several tracks".....RADIO I.S.A. FM FRANCE!


 Is this the king of America? No, it is not Elvis Costello. But that voice, gosh, you would almost say it when you listen to Temporary Crown. Mario Rojas has a great voice for those who have not yet understood it. But that is not everything. He can also write pointed songs. The resident of Los Angeles absorbed the entire pop history and spit it out again in the form of eleven strong songs on Lost Angelino (own management). The multi-instrumentalist takes care of the choirs behind his nasal vocals. He does a lot himself anyway, but if necessary, he also relies on the contributions of others. For example, organist Jeremy Long on Blue Light Follow also provides a nice piece of steel guitar. On Beatle Boots they walk around with cowboy hats and on the number is notable that besides Costello also Graham Parker is an important influence. And when Valerie comes along, you can also think of Don Dixon. Songs about good times, bad times and slow times. Very nice songs.......ALT COUNTRY NETHERLANDS!!



More airplay!! Thanks- WCON AM and FM in Cornelia, GA.,Sound Machine Radio in Maycock, NC., WBCU AM in Union, SC.,KWYN in Wynne, AR.,KLPZ in Parker, AZ.,WJDF in Gardner, MA., WKNY in Kingston, NY.,WIKX in Port Charlotte, FL.,WCBN in Ann Abor, MI.,KUMD in Duluth, MN.,KUMN in Albuquerque, NM.,KOTO in Telluride, CO., KZSU in Stanford, CA.,KRVM in Eugene, OR., Radio Crystal Blue in Tacoma, WA.,Space Coast Radio Merritt Island, FL., KWYN in Wynne, AR.,WGRV AM and WIKQ FM in Greenville, TN., KYBE in Frederick, OK.,KZIS FM and OCRN Internet in Midlothian, TX.,WCDF in Fredonia, NY.,WGDR in Plainfield,VT., WESR in Accomac, VA.,WFIT in Melbourne, FL.,KZUM in Lincoln, NE., WBGU in Bowling Green, OH.,KZMU in Castle Valley, UT.,KZSC in Santa Cruz, CA.,  KTMO in Kennet, MO.,KBOO in Portland, OR.,KWCW and KCOR in Walla Walla, WA.  WKSK in West Jefferson, NC.,WJCT in Jacksonville, FL.,KOPN in Columbia, MO.,KGNU in Boulder, CO., KBUT in Crested Butte, CO. ,WTYS in Marianna, FL.,WANT  and WCOR in Lebanon, TN.,KYKC in Ad, OK.,WVLS. WVMR,WCHG,WNMP in Monterey, VA., WMKY in Morehead, KY.,WKYL in Burnsville, KY.,KRFC in Ft. Collins, CO.,KZYX in Philo, CA.,WUSC in Columbia, SC., KCBX in San Luis Obispo, CA.,  THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!!

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